This Cigar Smoker

I am not a successful individual, but I have had successes in my career.  Truly, I have followed my heart without regard for monetary gain. I am accomplished in a silly and esoteric field that I enjoy. I am married and we have one child. I must say, life is good, and perhaps this is the real implication associated with cigar smoking: living the good life. I do not mean to put on airs; I am acknowledging my good fortune.

For me, cigars are a way to relax, connect with family and friends. A vice, to be sure, that I use as a way to sit quietly for the length of the smoke, conversing or just thinking. Like any hobby, it is a simple diversion with many layers of enjoyment and complexities of understanding that others may find frivolous or offensive.

Many see cigars as an affectation. To some smokers they are. On the other hand, I cannot resist the urge to ask what someone is smoking when I catch a whiff of what must be a nice cigar, and it does not stem from a need to belong or to be recognized.  


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