Tatuaje – Fausto Robusto

3 out of 5 smoke rings

I have tried other Tatuaje cigars that I did not really enjoy for the simple fact that they had a wrapper with a slightly sweet taste. Knowing they had that proclivity, I have avoided the brand. However, one of my trusted tobacconists recently encouraged me to try the Fausto line, and I am pleasantly surprised.

Crosscut image of TATUAJE Fausto Robusto
Crosscut image of TATUAJE Fausto Robusto

The Fausto Robusto is a relatively strong, complex smoke with flavors that are all over the place. It has a peppery note with a nutty finish. The aroma is a combination of woody, nutty, and slight pepper. I found myself trying to pick out a particular note but failing as it seemed to change from the draw to the exhale. It reminds me of my initial reaction to the Padron Anv. 1964 blend; unsure at first but wanting to return to find out more. If the Padron is any indication the Fausto line may become one of my favorites.

Although I have only given it a 3 out of 5, I suggest trying it for yourself. I know I will give it another go, and I may end up revising my opinion.


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