Cohiba Esplendido (circa. 2006)

4 out of 5 smoke rings

As indicated in my introduction, I often smoke with my dad. Such was the case this weekend, and while raiding the depths of the humidor he found a surprise. Half a box of Esplendidos tucked under boxes of other marvelous cigars. It is hard to imagine one could forget they had cigars of this quality.

The Cohiba Esplendido has a wonderful aroma. Unfortunately we were smoking outside when sampling this cigar so the aroma would come and go with the wind. It was frustrating, but the varying nature of it kept reminding me what a wonderful cigar it is.

IMG_4486The flavor is full bodied, fluctuating between a mild spiciness and a woody flavor. The experience improved as the cigar heated up, and the wrapper took on a wonderful oily sheen. My impression, overall, is that this cigar would be really spectacular if smoked relatively quickly, but I find I need to take my time with cigars this powerful. Otherwise I will end up utterly green.

I really look forward to trying this cigar again. It is quite possible that it will improve more as it ages.


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