Perez Carillo La Historia

4 out of 5 smoke rings

IMG_4452This cigar was rated the second best cigar of 2014 by Cigar Aficionado magazine. I do not put a lot of stock in what is written about a cigar, but I will use a high rating to decide if I want to try a cigar. Such was the case here.

I purchased a box of these and I have found them to improve over time. They start with a powerful spicy flavor that mellows as you smoke.  The flavor is almost overpowering in the beginning, and the aroma has a little pepper to it. The flavor turns nutty after mellowing, but I found the initial spiciness returns upon relighting.

However, my first experiences with this cigar were quite different, and it is possible that the qualities associated with this cigar vary from stick to stick. For instance, during previous smokes, I found this cigar extremely smooth and nutty. I do not recall the same sense of spiciness I encountered most recently.


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