Cohiba Behike

4 out of 5 smoke rings

Purchased in 2011 in London, and true to it’s reputation, the Behike did not disappoint.  It is a great smoke.  While it did not score a perfect 5 out of 5 this was largely down to a question of personal preference. If trapped on a desert island, I could easily smoke this cigar for the rest of my life and not feel short changed.

BehikeThe Behike is smooth and flavorful. It does not have the splashy flavor changes and spiciness that ones gets from a Siglo VI. It feels more refined. I imagine it is similar to the way a front engined V12 Ferrari GT is described in comparison to a mid engined Ferrari like the 458 Italia.  At least, that is what I would assume; I have not had the opportunity to do a side by side test with either pair.

It seems odd that a Cohiba would score equally with the Montecristo white in my little blog, but these reviews are about my impressions. As I revisit these cigars, I will update my review (unless I post an entirely new one). Until then, feel free share your impressions.


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