See’s Robusto Double Stripe

3 out of 5 smoke rings

It has been said that the cigar smoking fad peaked in the mid 90s and died down toward the beginning of the new millennium. However, this hasn’t stopped tried and true brands from continuing their tradition in cigar making. Some brands just have a tradition that runs too deep to be effected by the coming and going of fads.  See’s only offers one cigar, tried and true.

IMG_4390The See’s Double Stripe is a perfect example of a one off product. Sweet, consistent and distinct are the best adjectives to describe their lone cigar offering.

Out of the wrapper one notes the aroma, sweet. There is a sheen to it that is unlike other cigars. One should beware that holding this cigar sans wrapper will result in a slight staining of the fingers.

It is impossible to light, but clipping the end the old fashioned way (with your teeth) reveals that smoking is not the way to enjoy this cigar. The first flavor you encounter is milk chocolate and it finishes just the same. Unique. Not quite to my taste, but some claim its the only kind of cigar they can stomach.


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