Montecristo (white) Rubusto Grande Tubo

4 out of 5 smoke rings

The Montecristo white label is fast becoming one of my favorite cigars. A lighter flavored cigar with a wonderful aroma. A hint of pepper and a nice woody flavor.

a figurado

I was introduced to this cigar when I was tasked with providing cigars for a corporate event our company hosted. I was given a limited budget, so I tried to keep the cigar prices at or below $10 per stick without compromising quality. I needed 60 cigars so a quantity discount helped. Many of the attendees were new to smoking so I made sure that the selection favored light to medium bodied cigars. This cigar is one of those, and its a keeper. Moreover, the price point is just right.

I have purchased this cigar several times, in various shapes, since hosting the event, and I have not been disappointed.  Here is a cigar that is consistently good, if slightly lighter bodied than I would normally choose.


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